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Final destination shopping spree: Global Shopping Village shows shopping center developers at work. We get to know their strategies and follow them into the intricate networks of international assets and corrupt politics. But their actions are not without consequences. At three representative locations in Austria, Germany and Croatia critics and industry insiders guide us through the multiple effects: We visit a city that has lost its function, see the blossoming of boom and bubble, and experience how resistance gradually begins to form.

This Austrian documentary shows that the real estate industry does not only have an impact on the global financial system, but that it also dramatically changes our cities and our living environment.

Technical Data

 Length: 80 min.
Original-language:  German, Croatian, English
Subtitles: German, English, French
Original format: HD
Screening format: BluRay, DCP, 16:9
Sound: SRD 5.1; Stereo, Dolby Digital
Shooting places: Vienna, Cannes, Munich, Zagreb, Styria, Düsseldorf, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Bulgaria
Shooting time: 2012-2013
Completion: March 2014

A co-production with Nukleus Film

With the support of Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture – Innovative Film Austria (BMUKK/BKA), Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), Filmstandort Austria (FISA), HAVC Croatia, Cine Art, Filmfonds Wien (FFW)

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